Ethiopian Misty Valley

They say each day
comes bearing its own gifts. Such is the case this week, literally. It’s thanks
to John from Toby’s Estate, who sent me a bag of coffee from my favourite
coffee growing region on earth. None other than an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, from
the Misty Valley. 

What makes this
gift so special, is that someone I hold in such high esteem, has displayed
great thoughtfulness and respect, in thinking of me when this special release
coffee became available. It’s humbling to have people show such kindness, and proves
that coffee is an instrument for connection.

I thought this
coffee would be best shared, so I had a barista I hold in high regard brew it
for me, using his special Kruve sorting method. You will need to ask Joel Wyn
about this method- but all I can say is that it brings out the inherent
goodness from the beans, and when you are using such quality grade 1 naturally
processed Ethiopian- it was one mighty brew.

For the record, the Misty Valley sits at 1900 meters above
sea levels, in the region of Idido (Gedeo zone of Yirgacheffe). Washed coffee
from this area are esteemed for their delicate, tea like fragrance and citrus

The farmer at the helm of Misty Valley, Abdulla Bagersh, takes
an extraordinary amount of care processing the coffee, which includes continually
turning the cherries for the initial 48 hours of drying, so as to remove the
required moisture from the cherries. After drying, the coffee is hull and hand
sorted twice. Ultimately, the meticulous approach taken results in a naturally
processed coffee that’s both clean, and filled with sweet fruit tones.

In the cup, there is an immense jasmine aroma, silky smooth
body, and sweet peach notes.


We also brewed an incredibly sweet Colombian from the
Manizales region. This Caturra varietal was processed via a natural anaerobic
method, and the result was insanely sweet.


Joel being a roaster, was so impressed by the Colombian, he
is going to purchase some green beans from Plantation Direct. I’m sure John Zois won’t
mind us Melburnians indulging in this special offering! A huge thanks to the
good man for sharing these beans with me.



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