I was hesitant about sharing this post, but following a discussion with my companion who was with me while this event took place, we agreed it would be remiss of me not too. Yesterday I was booked to meet my accountant in a café/patisserie out in the outer east, which I had not frequented before. None the less, what I saw left me feeling extremely disheartened. I write this with a heavy heart, because the treatment of one of the waitresses that I witnessed, reminded me of the dark side of humanity. This young lady would have been around 16 at the most, and probably on a trial period.  None the less, her manager allowed her to be thrown into the deep end to attend to patrons. Unfortunately, many of these patrons had a sense of superiority, and on 2 occasions I watched as they ridiculed her when she stumbled with an order in a rather confined space. The Layout of the café is not a reflection of her skills, may I add. I then watched as a group of women (Who SHOULD know better) laughed in her face when she brought out a latte, and not the ordered decaf almond milk latte. It took me great will to not speak up. If I had have bitten my tongue any longer, it would have fallen off. Long story short- I was sickened by what I observed.
As customers, we must realise society has moved on from the colonial era where
slavery was rife, and those with a sense of power treated who they felt were
below them with disdain and repulsive cruelty. It may make such people feel a
sense of superiority to scorn at someone they feel is below them, but as far as I am concerned, it is a sign of a lack of insight, intelligence, and decency.
These young workers are doing their best to break into society through employment. It’s taken them courage, and a drive that those condescending customers obviously lack. My only concern is that such patronising customers, can turn a person away from an industry that should be focused on connectedness, and inclusivity. From my experience, coffee has always served as an instrument to bring people together. Coffee spreads across societies- regardless of race, creed, or colour.
I’m not sure how to change the ugly attitude of those who feel a need to belittle others in an attempt to make themselves feel superior. Perhaps it’s more a reflection of their own shortcomings, and patronizing others distracts them from their repugnant reality. I cannot change these people, but I have 2 very important points to make:


If you feel a need to be arrogant, condescending, and offensive- go elsewhere. Come back when you are ready to treat others with the respect they deserve. People don’t need your toxicity.

I will continue to support all those working in the hospitality industry. If you are
being bullied, by ANYBODY at work, Im only a click away. Private message me.
Email me. You don’t need to do this alone.







2 thoughts on “Bullying 

  1. Well said Tess, far too many times, staff, young staff especially are treated like rubbish.
    Spread the happy vibes!


  2. Great post. Hospitality is a really hard gig, especially when you are just starting out. It can be really damaging to a young person when they are not treated with respect, both by their colleagues and their customers.


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