Chanho Tornado Brew 

Gratitude has etched memories into my soul. 

Today I’m
grateful for experiencing a coffee tornado- and it blew me away (Pardon the
pun). It was all thanks to Chanho- award winning roaster and brewer based at

Chanho made me a special La Esmeralda Gesha pour over, using
his Tornado brewing method. Basically, it was designed to allow for consistency
and proficiency in brewing. The method involved grinding 20 grams of coffee
(finely, to assist extraction), and initially poured 80 grams of water at 98
degrees, following by 3 seconds of agitation.  The remaining 300grams of
water is then poured, and stirred 4 times. Following extraction, Chanho brought
out a mini electric mixer and stirred up the brewed coffee.

Chanho believes that structurally, this tornado method
evenly distributes the particles inside the dripper.  It has proven
itself, as he placed in the 2017 Australian Brewers Cup Championship.  

The result? An incredibly fragrant cup, with clean yet
complex flavours.

This special Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda was a washed
processed lot, and exhibited a delightful floral aroma, with complex fruit
notes ranging from peach, right through to tangerine.


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