Regiment CBD


Having travelled to and from Sydney for most my life, it’s safe to say the largest city in Australia is pretty much second home to me. Let me make this clear- There is no Melbourne Sydney rivalry in my world. I adore everything about this beautiful city, and now I have another reason too:  Regiment.

This gorgeous new café was named in honour of its location, as it sits on Regimental Square. This part of the city is where many flock to on ANZAC day, to honour all those who fought and died in various wars. For those not from Sydney, it’s just next to Wynyard Station.

The square itself serves as an important assembly point, and in a similar sense, Regiment café is a meeting point for the consumption and appreciation of caffeinated beverages….. and more.

The fit out features a perfect blend of timber, marble, and brass.  The brass mirrors along the side wall punctuates the venues classy design. It’s clear that the venue is echoes the charm of its owner, Zach Hiotis. I do appreciate a café owner who leads by example, and not by force. Staff here seem at ease, despite the lengthy queue that stretches out the door around the clock. This may also be thanks to the quality of the machinery that work with- two Synesso MVPs, and a pair of Ubermilk machines that froth milk on demand. The baristas work with a finesse that is deeply ingrained with excellence, and it shows in the cup.

I indulged in the Quisabony Pink Bourbon, roasted by Five Senses. This mysterious varietal from the Bourbon family was grown at 1650 meters above sea level on a farm in San Adolfo, Colombia. The cherries themselves are pink in colour, and have the benefit of being resistant to diseases known to attack coffee plants in South America. As a long black, it had a smooth body with hints of Swiss chocolate, and slight floral tones.


I also had the batch brew, which was made from an Ecuadorian coffee called “Hakuna Matata”. The name alone brought a smile to my face, and warmed the soul considering I had the Lion King running through my mind for the rest of my visit. As this coffee cooled, it revealed pleasant stone fruit tones.  It was fitting to have been served a coffee that means ‘no worries’ in a café that felt like a sanctuary permitting a momentary escape from the hectic city streets.





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