Change via innovation: Ubermilk 

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”

While at Regiment café in the CBD, I had the chance to go behind the scenes with Ubermilk, and see firsthand the value it has brought the first café in Sydney CBD to trial this innovative machine. I’ve had my eye on Ubermilk since its Australian distributor Barista Group brought it to my attention, and I have no doubt it will revolutionise the industry. Designed and engineered in Germany, Ubermilk works by the simple touch of a button; frothing milk to the ideal temperature. This means the milk can exhibit full sweetness and velvety smooth microfoam, time after time.

It won’t remove the need for a barista, but rather- Ubermilk enables the barista to concentrate on perfecting espresso shots and latte art, while also freeing them up to engaging with their customers.

Another positive feature inherent to Ubermilk, is that it assists in reducing milk wastage, via its unique automatic presets, and built-in individual controlling system.

This easy to use machine also has the propensity to increase efficiency and workflow, decrease stress, and ultimately keep valued staff and customers

A huge thanks to Zach for letting me get a feel for this sleek machine, which has obviously fit right into the Regiment work station.




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