“Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In flashes across time.”  
How fortuitous, that I should at last cross paths with Peter from Espressory. It’s been three years since opening, and I finally found this coffee focused spot hidden at the bottom of a bustling city building. Ironically, I was hunting for that perfect cup, and found it down Hunter Connection. It really is an unassuming space, surrounded by a food court, and subway entrance. Just like a hidden treasure, Espressory was waiting to be discovered. 

Over the years, I have repeatedly declared my sheer love for the way coffee connects people, and it did just that while I was traversing the streets of Sydney. What began as a simple order for an espresso, turned into a fruitful conversation; it was an instant recognition on an unconscious level.  I learnt that Peter was formerly a Design Engineer, but become tired of the office life, and took up a position as a barista with Single O 4 years ago. It was here he met influential mentors like Sean McManus; who taught him the art of handling workload in a high pressure situation. So enthused by the team at Single O was Peter, that he decided to take the plunge, and open his very own café. Three years on, and his love for coffee has not only deepened, but it’s seen him commit to projects aimed at the betterment of those who need it most in the supply chain- the farmers. I was moved when Peter told me that one of the ultimate goals of Espressory is to support farmers. Its proof that no matter how small you may be, every contribution for the great good is worthwhile. Every year on the cafes birthday (2nd March), the team raise money to helps farmers with facilities, and education. Over the past 2 years, they have raised just under $3200. This selfless act is driven by a simple belief that together we can achieve more. If I myself cannot be here for it next year, I’ve marked it in my diary to send my cousin into Hunters Connection on March 2nd to donate to this great cause on my behalf. 

In the meantime, I will savour this moment, and count my blessings to have crossed paths with fellow coffee enthusiasts who have their heart in the right place.

Coincidently, Peter had my all-time favourite coffee origin and process in the bar for filter coffee. A naturally processed Ethiopian heirloom from the Shakisso, Guji.  The Xade Burqa washing station is privately owned, and only grade 1 cherries were meticulously selected and processed for this lot roasted by Mecca. 

Peters brew method? 14gm coffee, 230ml water at 92 degrees C. 15ml bloom for 40 seconds. 

From the moment he put the beans through the EK43, to the first sip- my senses were tantalised by its sweet berries tones. The coffee represents everything I love about naturally processed coffee from the guji zone- intense fruitiness, with sparkling acidity, while all the while maintaining its clean body. There are days when we forget how blessed we are; but then there are days like this that remind us to count our blessings. 

Espressory is open daily from 6am to 4pm. You can find it at b20/7-13 Hunter St, Sydney. 


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