Little Alchemy Specialty Coffee

The latest addition to Melbourne’s ever growing coffee scene has taken up residency where it all began.  Brunswick is considered the birthplace of the hipster coffee scene, so it seemed imminent for Phil Pavlou to open his own spot just across from the Brunswick Train Station. It may have been chance that his workplace, Urban Athlete, happened to be situated in a pocket of this inner city suburb that lacked a specialty focused café. This presented as a perfect opportunity for Phil to take the plunge back into hospitality, while continuing his role as a Personal Trainer.  Due to limited space, Phil was forced to think outside the box, and discovered the perfect solution: an on-site 8ft converted container.  With the assistance the gym community, he transformed the bare white container into a gorgeous little coffee bar, adorned with hexagon plant holders as well as a timber bench with stools.

Coffee is sourced from Five Senses, and the alchemy of turning humble brown beans into liquid gold is performed on a gorgeous mint green 2 group Synesso MVP. The house blend, Hi Fidelity brings together the sweetness of the Colombian Popayan Cincuenta, smoothness of the Colombian El Recuerdo, and floral elegance of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Single origin beans are available for black coffee, and the Yirgzero presents a defect free Ethiopian grown organically at high altitude at Yirgacheffe. It’s with floral and citrus highlights.  Pastry offerings are thanks to Candied Bakery in Spotswood, and enticing chocolate cookie sandwiches are thanks to the team at Butterbing.

In his third week of operation, Phil has proven to be the ideal alchemist, serving up life’s greatest elixir daily at 28 Wilkinson Street, Brunswick.




Little Alchemy Specialty Coffee

28 Wilkinson Street











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