Quality Coffee, Cultivated by Good.

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path” …. And it saturated with coffee.

I’ve long been an admirer of Campos Coffee, not only because the people behind the name are an amazing group, but their coffee is genuinely cultivated by way of ethical and respectable means. It’s a goodness I appreciate, and a reassurance that those who have painstakingly laboured over the entire process from planting the seeds, to sorting the greens, are duly remunerated; and their longevity preserved.

I have 6 bags of their finest offerings to enjoy over the next 6 days- starting with the rare Esmeralda Gesha, exclusive to Campos. As many already know, this is one complex offering, dubbed the “Crown Jewel of the Coffee World”. It’s lively, with distinct floral notes, paired with fruit flavours that include peach, candied orange, and apricots.

Next is an El Salvadorian Cup of Excellence 2017 winner, Las Delicias. It’s appropriately named, because it’s absolutely delicious- think tropical fruits with chia spices.

The third bag is a Nicaraguan from one of Campos’ top 10 producers in 2017- Carlos Lopez. It’s a family affair at La Esperanza, where the Lopez family have farmed coffee for over 6 decades. They have even worked with Zamora University to improve growing conditions. I’m looking forward to its rich dark chocolate tones.

The 4th bag is also from a family run farm (Rodriguez Ospina ), this time in the scenic region of South Huila, Colombian.  I take comfort in the knowledge that Campos contributes towards a Farmer Education Program in the area, and incentivise farmers like the Rodriguez Ospina family to cultivate excellence. Cupping notes: Sweet and clean, with dried fruit notes.

There are also a few African offerings: A sparkling washed Ethiopian Reko that has peach and bergamot notes; and the Kenyan Tchakakhani, which I have revelled in lately, thanks to its juicy blackcurrant, and citrus tones

I’m not one to drink coffee alone, so I will be sharing these with family and friends, and raising my cup to all the Campos family.



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