“We rise by lifting others”.


Almost 5 months since they opened their doors, I FINALLY paid the Colab team a visit.  While many were busy preparing for that big horse race, I made my way to Kensington to visit Brew Techs very own concept espresso bar.

The concept is simple- Coffee from Australia’s top roasters rotates monthly at the bar. Previous roasters to have made their debut at Colab include Axil, Acoffee, and Campos. This month Clark St Roasters are in the spotlight, and will host a special “Meet the Roaster” event next week. If you’re free on Wednesday 15th of November at 5.30pm, then head over for a night of festivities that will include a filter brewing competition.

In the meantime, you can come say hi to the delightful duo Steve and Alisha, who sling shots daily from 7am to 3pm.

Coffee is extracted via their much loved La Marzocco Linea PB ABR, which features integrated scales in the drip tray, and an auto brew ratio system. They also have batch brew, and pour over coffee for those who prefer a filter brew.

I enjoyed a long black courtesy of Clark St’s Costa Rican Finca Tono. This honey processed lot had fruit driven sweetness, and refined acidity.

Hot pressed nostalgic jaffles, and baked good from Penny for Pound are available for those needing to cure their hunger pangs.

A huge congratulations to Craig Milton and the Colab team, for daring to be different, and rising to the occasion.


36 Stubbs Street





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