Single O Japan

Huge thanks to Wendy and the Single O crew for sending out a sample of the coffee currently on at their Tokyo brew bar.

I’ve long enjoyed Single O’s coffee, and like many, I have taken a multitude of photographs of their iconic Reservoir Street hole in the wall brew bar. They spread their wing into Japan a few years ago, and have been roasting on a restored Probat UG22 in Ryogoku; which is an area famed for Sumo Wrestling. I had a quiet chuckle at the postcard they sent me, which cheekily featured the rear of what appears to be a well fed Sumo wrestler.  

Combatants aside, this coffee is true to form for Single O.  We put the Costa Rican La Minita Estate lot through the Sanremo Opera, which allowed for complete control of the 3 extraction stages. Once we found that sweet spot, it was evident that this washed Caturra lot fittingly embodied some much loved Japanese nuances.  Images of cherry blossoms in full bloom pervaded my mind as soon as my senses detected its aroma. In the cup, La Minita exhibited sweet plum wine tones, with mild acidity.


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