Early Bird Is The Word

Everybody knows that the bird is a word, right?

In South Melbourne, the early bird is the word… and it’s also the go to café on Palmerston Street. Formerly home to Puck Specialty Coffee, this corner spot offers ample space for those looking to take a break from the office, or just a moment’s escape with some of the nicest guys in town.

“Early Bird gets the worm” is the sister café of The Pour Kid in Malvern, Gaslight Project in Docklands, and Final Step in South Yarra. Manager Dale Parker rotates between all 4 venues during the week, while Parv Bhullar (formerly of Capeside in Heidelberg) runs the show Monday to Friday. I first met Parv way back when he was slinging shots at Ora Specialty Coffee in Kew), and was immediately taken aback by this man’s beautiful nature. He brings with him that genuine kindness that had us all flocking to Ora and Capeside in droves, and has already created a community feel since they launched in mid-October.

The food menu is simple, with sandwiches, toasties, and salads on rotation.

Coffee is sourced from Axil, and rotating guest roasters. They currently have Wood and Co in the hopper for all black coffee, and my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw the “Fruit Cake” blend on the shelves. This deliciously fruity blend, made up of the Kenyan Karumandi & Ethiopian Celinga, is fit for the season of festivities and indulgence. The boys served it as an espresso, and it lived up to its name. It had a fragrance evocative of Christmas pudding, and was filled with sweet black forest and black cherry tones. Don’t be a fruit cake and miss this one.

You’ll find Early Bird is the Word at 87 Palmerston Crescent, South Melbourne, open 7:30am to 3:30pm weekdays.



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