Parker Coffee

Melissa Floreani of Espresso Syndicate has contributed immensely to Melbourne’s Café Culture, and Parker Coffee of East Hawthorn is a shining example of how this venerable lady does it. Early last year, she teamed up with Jimmy McGuire to renovate this Tooronga Road space, which serves as a takeaway coffee mecca for staff from surrounding business headquarters that congregate daily.

Interestingly, the name Parker was inspired by a character from Melissa’s favourite childhood television show, Thunderbirds, who was famed for being “Lady Penelope’s” chauffer. Vestiges of the electronic marionette puppetry are noticed on the cafes branding, as well as the shades of pink flecked across outdoor signage.

With the Ethiopian Werka available as a batch brew, Jimmy had me like a puppet on a string. My cup was sweet, with earl grey tea like characteristics, and soft citrus acidity.

Parker Coffee

399 Tooronga Rd

Hawthorn East


1 thought on “Parker Coffee

  1. I really like your blog. It’s fun seeing all these different shops and their vibes. 🙂


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