Clubhouse Malvern

‘Meet you at the Nineteenth’.

That’s the catch cry Julien Moussi, Kristy-Lea Moussi, Adam Vocale, Stuart Deva, Ben Argentino and Nicky Campbell sound at their latest venue on Malvern Road. The Clubhouse opened its doors this week, and much like a golfer approaches the greens, the venue’s pitch draws attention to themes of ease and balance. A white canvas, with green and concrete elements set the scene for this inviting space that much like its sister venues (Tinker, Penta, and MOB), is minimalistic at heart.

Inglewood coffee is served both as espresso and filter options, and I was treated to a Tanzanian long black which had a syrupy body with hints of plum and blackcurrant.

True to form for Julien and the team, they’ve made the putt with this latest venture. Congratulations, and thank you for ensuring folks like myself are bound to smell coffee when walking down the fairway of life in Melbourne.

Clubhouse Malvern

1290 Malvdrn Road



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