The Gap Cafe

The gap between owning and admiring.

Greyhound Victoria have filled that gap with the opening of their King Street Café. The Gap Café is the first of its kind in this café obsessed city; dog friendly, and a breeding ground for greyhound adoption (Pardon the pun). It’s founded on an initiative aimed at improving public awareness and perception of ex-racing greyhounds. Many may know the joys owning a dog can bring, and meeting these gentle natured greyhounds will definitely leave you clucky for a furrbaby.

Alex Hooke, also the mastermind behind Little Ray Café, has been tasked with managing this social enterprise, which sees 50% of its profit invested back into Greyhound Adoption Program. The venue is open daily from 7am til 3pm, and offers an ideal indoor and outdoor space for people to meet members of the adoption program, and also socialise with fellow dog owners.

Coffee is sourced from Campos, with their Superior blend for espresso based coffees, and rotating single origin beans for batch brew. Fittingly, they have an Ethiopian on this week, which filled the void after 24 hours without a coffee.

So if you like your coffee white, black, or grey… The Gap Cafe is certainly one for your list. Say hi to Bray or Santiago, who will most likely be slinging shots, and doggy treats.

Find them at 477 King St, West Melbourne. A mere bones throw from Flagstaff Garden.


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