Mr Tucci

The beginning of this month saw brothers Fabian and Massimo Crea launch their fourth café. It sits in between their former Carnegie spot, where I first met them 8 years ago, and their Mt Waverley sweetheart, Son of Tucci. They’ve kept things in the family again, naming this Glen Iris corner spot ‘Mr Tucci’, in honour of their Nonno, Giovanni Santucci. Back when Mr Santucci first came to Australia from Italy, no one could pronounce his name, so he shortened it to Tucci, and its stuck with the family ever since.

Fabian and Massimo revamped the interior themselves, opting to remove pre-existing dark tones and exchange these for a charming natural granite counter, Victorian Ash furnishings, and 1950s Australian school chairs.

Apart from coffee, what these guys do best is old fashioned service. Customers have always been greeted like old friends at every café Fab and Masimo have owned and run, and Mr Tucci is no exception. Much like Son of Tucci, mum’s baked goods are also on the menu, and sell out fast every morning.

Coffee is roasted by Veneziano for all milk based espresso (Bond St), with rotating single origin beans for espresso and filter coffee. I was delighted to see an Ethiopian Gesha available, which tasted like juicy mandarin and melon, with those quintessential floral tones on the note.

Being an Ethiopian coffee tragic, I also went for the Sesaga from Wood and Co, which had a clean body with hints of red berry.

Mr Tucci
1/10-12 High Street, GLEN IRIS Victoria 3146


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