‘Don’t Forget the Dreaming Days’.

Congratulations Julien & Kristy Moussi, and Jack Franklyn.

They’ve taken a former neighbourhood milk bar, and breathed new life into it. Julien and Kristy took ownership of this corner spot two years ago, and today opened its doors to an enormously appreciative local neighbourhood. Upon entering I heard exclamations of joy from nearby residents, who have waited eagerly for this day to arrive. Honour is paid to the buildings former occupant, with suggestions of milk bar items cleverly placed within the venue, such as branding based around the classic Allen’s Fantale font. A wire framed sandwich board greets you at the front entrance, with an ode to the ‘dreaming days’, where little legs sprinted to the milk bar, pockets filled with candy, and fingers stained with sticky blues, yellows, red, and greens. The classic Allen’s Fantale font is evident.

Ritz & Ghougassian were commissioned to design the fit out, and true to form have created a stylish space which fits the bill. The predominant feature is the use of warm timbers and concrete, with bentwood chairs, and splashes of greenery accentuating the warm welcoming feeling.

Coffee is thanks to the teams roasting arm, Inglewood, with the Roosevelt Blend for milk coffee, and rotating singles for black coffee. Today’s Indonesian Toarco had a rich full body, and chocolate finish.

The menu is a bag of mixed lollies, with something to suit everyone, and an express menu with some old favourite likes the humble egg and bacon roll, and ham, cheese, and tomato toasties.

The Stanley team have spent two year’s worth of sunlit hours daydreaming about this day, and to see it finally realised is an absolute delight.

Find Stanley Mount Waverley at 63 Stanley Avenue.


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