Good Times Milk Bar

Let the Good Times Roll!

They say good times become great memories. I believe it!

A visit to Good Times Milk Bar has left me with nothing but great memories.

Brent Scales and Brett Louis have spent the past two years converting an existing milk bar and adjoining dwelling into Bentleigh’s hottest new café.

They tasked Jason Kubasek to craft a menu with his famed imaginative flair, and Hours After to design a space reminiscent of their ideal good times. These are seen in the colourful 1980s inspired pop art representing eating ice-cream, playing with your dog, and swimming at the beach. The retro pink and blue themed venue is both spacious and welcoming, and also caters for furry friends with a designated puppy courtyard adorned with large bean bags.

The menu is both innovative and alluring, while also paying homage to some traditional milk bar flavours. I completely devoured the Zucchini salad with Mooloolaba Crab. The salted ricotta and pine nuts made for an ideal fusion with its buckwheat, butter bean, and lemon base.

Coffee is sourced from Small Batch, with the Golden Ticket blend for all espresso-based coffee, and rotating single origin beans for batch brew. I enjoyed a delightfully sweet Kenyan filter coffee from the Embu County, which boasted blackberry jam notes, and a bright acidity.

The Good Times roll daily from 7 am to 4 pm, with plans to extend once the takeaway side window opens. Watch this space!

Good Times Milk Bar

83 Tucker Road



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