Project Black Cafe

Angus Shen brings a wealth of experience and an abundance of passion, to the outer eastern suburb of Mitcham, with the establishment of his second café ‘Project Black’. Having manager cafes, and worked at major roasters like St Ali, Angus accumulated essential skills and wherewithal, to know just how to create a venue people feel comfortable and fulfilled in. It’s a familiarity one can only gain through experience, and it’s evident the moment you enter this tiny space hidden off the main drag of the Mitcham shopping village.

Having lived in the area for several years, and a member of the local community, Angus spent 5 years planning this project. Four months since opening, and Project Black has fast become a communal hub, where quality and precision are paramount.

To say Angus is meticulous, would be an understatement. He experimented with ample coffee, and milk labels for months, to see which paired best. The result of which left him confident teaming up with Ona Coffee was the best choice, and uses on Riverina Gold. Recipes for all espresso coffee is tested hourly, and he has devised his own ‘Fried Rice’ distribution technique, which results in zero channelling. This self-taught mastermind also commissioned his father in law to craft porcelain cups he designed himself, which have smooth round bottoms, thus permitting greater latte art, as well as allowing for heat retention. Milk based coffee is made using Ona’s Raspberry Candy Blend, which tastes as it name implies- like raspberry candy in a cup. Single Origin beans from El Salvador are currently being used for all black coffee, which had a well-rounded body and notes of granny smith apple as a short black.

Food wise, the menu is designed to showcase simple and organic food that are infused with flavour and goodness. Options includes Dukkah Greens with two 65 degree first lay eggs on organic sourdough; the ‘Piggy Benedict’ with 8 Hour slow cooked BBQ Pork and homemade potato Rosti; and Sous Vide Thai Beef Steak Salad.

Find Project Black at 3A/26B Enterprise Way, Mitcham. It’s tucked away just opposite Coles, and beckons as the ideal rest stop for shoppers and café enthusiasts alike.


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