Sunny Side

Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street ☀

It’s been a momentous year for Jesse Felds. His first son was born 9 weeks ago, and his latest café opened its doors to Heidelberg Heights last month.

Sunny Side has a fun loving feel, with a clean beach theme accentuated by Californian bean photography, and warm yellow outdoor umbrellas.

Echoing the egg theme established at his former venue Club Social, which displayed an egg shaped neon light on the wall, Jesse has gone with the Sunny Side name. It’s also a tribute to the Melbourne breakfast staple, appearing in several dishes on the menu.

The egg theme makes an appearance in the ‘Bashed Avo’ dish, Tabasco Hollandaise Benedict; and Raw Green Morning Salad. The menu will expand once they open their extended space next door, which will also see the venue increasing its capacity, and offering a corner store vibe with fresh bread, milk and condiments on a retail shelf.

Coffee also has a warming effect here, especially on these cold winters’ mornings. Sourced from Symmetry Coffee Roasters, Sunnyside offers both the Seasonal Blend for espresso, and filter beans brewed through the Moccamaster. The El Jardin natural, tasted tantamount to Cherry Ripe.

Jesse has emphasised his quest to support the local community, by employing young locals starting out in the hospitality industry, and giving them a crack at a rewarding career. He also gives back to the community by contributing all tips to charities. In actual fact, Jesse has been doing this for over 6 years now, at all his cafes. He’s far too humble to boast about his charity contributions, so I thought it was a fitting occasion to recognise his kindness and integrity. To this day, Jesse’s cafes have raised up to $6000 a year for charity, and this month’s tips going to MND (Motor Neurone Disease Australia).

Find Sunnyside at 22 Saint Hellier Street Heidelberg Heights.


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