Many will know that the United States has a popular seaside resort on Long Island known as The Hamptons. Melburnians are also privy to the knowledge of their own ‘Hampton’, an affluent bayside suburb south east of the CBD. It’s here where you will find Cabin, an unassuming café tucked away behind the main shopping strip on Hampton Street. It’s the sister café to Otto Epicurean in Sandringham, and offers a space sheltered from the elements.

Consistent with its name, this petite café has a log cabin feel to it, with layering textures to giving it a warm and alluring feel. Owner James Feldman had a vision to create a place for those of us craving calmness, somewhere you can rest and relax. Alongside coffee, nature takes centre stage here, with the use of natural materials and expanses of greenery in the fit out.

Coffee is roasted by Toby’s Estate, and served as both espresso and filter brews. The clean white Kees van der Westen Spirit takes pride of place on the timber bench, and extracted a rich espresso shot of the Nicaraguan La Cascada. This washed lot from Nueva Segovia, had sweet maple syrup tones, and a bold body.

Breakfast and Lunch options are wholesome and hearty, with the likes of homemade baked beans on Hogan’s toast; Wild Berry Bircher; and a selection of pies, baguettes, and pastries.

Just like a log cabin, this charming little cafe serves as a cosy shelter, with a warm ambience, and all the essentials for a retreat from the city life.


Shop 2, 379-381 Hampton Street


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