Birds of a feather, coffee O’clock together.
The Birdcage café takes its name from the area it is nested in. The pocket of Altona colloquially known as the ‘Birdcage’, is surrounded by streets named after birds such as Kookaburra, Wren, Dove, Emu, Seagull and Lark.
Owners Adrian and Cath Davey designed the café themselves, which fittingly has a bird theme. It’s hard to miss the striking tree feature climbing up the side wall, complete with foliage. It serves as the perfect spot to nestle oneself under for a Sunday morning brunch date. Table tops are made from hardwood and old components of a poppadum making machine, which were left behind by the owners of the Indian restaurant which previously occupied this spot.
The main counter is made from old timber sleepers, on which sits a custom green La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine matching their coffee supplier’s logo. Campos roasts both blend and single origin beans, and the current single origin offering was a washed Kenyan from Karamikui. My espresso shot was bold, with rich dark fruit flavours, and a citrus acuity.
Breakfast is available all day, with options that include Ham Hock Beans on Toast; Apple Pie French Toast; and the gluten free mushroom & Chorizo omelette.
Fly on over to Altona, and perch among the warm surrounds at this child friendly café.

7 Harrington Square


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