Coffee Hit Thornbury

Hit me with your best shot.

High Street Thornbury is not short of a cafe, being one of Melbourne’s long standing northern coffee hubs. It’s where many Greek cafes operated decades ago, leaving a legacy today’s coffee professionals have built upon. Coffee Hit has taken to the area like a fish to water. They opened in May this year, under the recently built Hive residential complex. Unlike the grungy vibes surrounding cafes tend to exhibit, Coffee Hit offers a clean venue, with a minimalist Scandinavian style. There’s ample room to move, which makes life easy for mums (and dads) with prams, and those of us who like to find a quiet spot to nestle into while enjoying our morning coffee. What appealed most to me was the Diedrich IR5 taking pride of place at the venue’s centre. It literally has the spotlight on it, which is a reflection of what is at the core of Coffee Hit. Beans are roasted weekly onsite, and sourced direct from origin.

Along with a selection of blends, single origin beans are available for espresso and batch brew options. Being a natural Ethiopian coffee lover, you can appreciate how content I was to see the Shakiso Guji on offer. Sourced from the Mormora Estate in Oromia’s southern Guji Highlands, this high altitude Ethiopian lot was grown in an area surrounded by canopies of natural rainforest, and harvested by way of organic and sustainable farming practices. As an espresso, it had a rich body with hints of Bergamot.

Food wise, the menu caters for the quintessential Melbourne foodie. Think Eggs Benedict, Maple Ricotta Pancakes, Corn & Zucchini Fritters, and the local favourite Smashed Avo.

Conveniently located on the number 86 tram route, Coffee Hit serves as an ideal pit stop when trekking out north.

Coffee Hit

640 High Street



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