Faraday’s Cage

Faradays Cage takes its name from scientist Michael Faraday, a 19th century inventor.

In terms of its scientific meaning, Faraday Cage serves to shield its contents from static electric fields, by taking electrostatic charges, and distributing them around the exterior of the cage.

In a similar way, Faradays Cage in Fitzroy serves as a sanctuary for locals to escape from the hustle and bustle on nearby Johnson Street. Diners take shelter within the red brick walled confines of this converted warehouse, which has a rustic feel.

The ambiance is snug and insulated, with warm lighting, and the sweet fragrance of freshly baked pastries wafting from the kitchen that runs alongside a row of tables. All artisan breads and pastries are baked in-house, and displayed neatly behind the front counter.

Coffee is by Dukes, with both rotating single origin beans for espresso and filter brews.

Faraday’s Cage

325-329 Gore St,



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