Dish & Spoon

It’s no surprise that I love a café with purpose, heart, and great substance. Dish & Spoon in Camberwell would have to be the epitome of everything we love about Melbourne’s Cafe Culture. The ambiance is inviting, the coffee is always on point thanks to the team’s dedication to quality, and the food is not like any other café- they do things differently here. This is very much appreciated by folks like me who have food intolerances, or prefer to eat ethically.

When it comes to meaning, these guys embody it. The name of their café was inspired by the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, which owners Francesco and Eli would to sing to their new born son. The food culture revolves around dishes and spoons, so it seemed fitting for the couple to christen their first café with this title.

The ambiance here is warm and inviting, and the fit out is modern with white washed walls, white subway tiles, and timber furnishings with pops of pastel blue.

Coffee is sourced from Campos, which Francesco fell in love with while working at 15 Pound in Fairfield. Francesco appreciates the transparency Campos offers, in particular the depth of information about the provenance of each coffee they source. The team are committed to educating locals, through the use of information sheets, about the various single origin options and brewing methods available. Head Barista Frazer Cole takes great pride in perfecting his brews, especially when he’s working with Cup of Excellence beans that I had the honour of sampling this weekend.

I sat out the front with my ‘furbaby’, soaking up the glorious spring sunshine, as people flowed into the Highfield Road corner spot.

The menu is carefully designed with the addition of Vegan, Gluten Free, Diary Free, and Vegetarian options, as Eilanne herself suffers from intolerances and appreciates the need for a café to cater for all dietary requirements. Some Middle Eastern influences are evident in the breakfast options, such as the Green Apple Smashed Avocado with Za’atar dust on toasted olive bread; and The Vegan breakfast with homemade Hommus, spiced popcorn tofu, and curry pickled cauliflower. Both being gluten free, I indulged myself the best I could.

If you’re in the leafy eastern suburbs, drop into this cosy spot nestled in the backstreets of Camberwell. You won’t see any cows jumping over the moon, but ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ there will be plenty of delicious dishes to choose from, and quality coffee served with a smile.

Tess Presso

Ph: 0401584403


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