Concrete Blonde

The latest café to hit Melbourne is brought to us by Eamon Sheahan. Many of you would have been to several of his previous venues, such as Espresso 3121, Miss Frank, Age of Sail, Temperance Society, and Horse to Water. He’s done the full circle since opening his first café in Richmond over a decade ago. Having ventured South East to establish some of the suburban favourite , Eamon decided it was time he returned to Richmond, and he’s brought his ‘drink proper coffee’ ethos with him. Having seen the coffee culture of this city boom over recent years, Eamon thought it was time to put the spotlight on quality coffee, and respecting all those who work tirelessly to make it possible. Right next to the Yarra River, and on one of Melbourne’s main arteries into the city, Concrete Blonde sits conveniently on the eastern end of the 109 tram route.

Designed by Hecker Guthrie, the Victoria Street space sits at the bottom of an office complex, which is also home to NOVA FM. The café is bound by tall glass windows permitting ample natural light to stream into the venue. Speaking of which, the décor features an abundance of concrete and blonde, which is in tribute to its name, taken from the 80’s band that brought out a favourite tune Eamon and his 2 business partners Josh and Kent grew up listening too.

The menu is uncomplicated and wholesome, with much of the produce sourced from Josh’s Glenferrie Road Butcher. The boys are all keen on traditional New York deli style pastrami sandwiches, so they’ve brought it to Melbourne. Expect to find no less than 350 grams of slow roasted pastrami served on traditional sandwiches. They also offer bacon and egg served in bagels made in-house, and banana bread made with espresso butter. Baked beans also feature on the menu, which has been carefully curated by their head chef Thomas Brustis, who was previously at a French Brasserie in the city.

Coffee is sourced from Veneziano, with the Forza Blend for milk based coffee, and rotating single origin beans for all black coffee. There’s bottomless filter for $5 a cup, which can be refilled all day. Their current Ethiopian natural tastes like blueberry pie.

You can ‘drink proper coffee’ at 678 Victoria Street, Richmond from 7am to 4pm daily.


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