Buddy Espresso

What do you get when you put 4 buddies together with coffee? Buddy Espresso.

Long story short, it all began at a mate’s wedding, when Eugene Coghlan, Marc Nanfro, Jared Bryan and Al Hall decided to put their money where their mouth is, and venture out on a new café journey. Having run Jack & Daisy for half a decade, the boys knew the ropes when it came to Melbourne’s coffee culture out west. It wasn’t too long before they found a space, and Al worked on the venue’s interior after a stint in construction.

The result?… A Strathmore café specialising in great coffee, and toasties.

Coffee is sourced from Toby’s Estate, with both espresso and filter options available. Their blend is sure to hit the sweet spot through milk, while their rotating espresso options offer a unique experience for black coffee drinks every time. The washed El Salvadorian La Cumbre was reminiscent of a cherry ripe chocolate, with all those dark chocolate nuances I love in a ristretto.

Only a few weeks old, you’ll find these Buddy’s at 12 Lloyd St, Strathmore.


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