The New Paradigm

As many of you may know by now, I live in Melbourne, but I love Sydney.

There are a multitude of reasons for this love, one of which is its thriving coffee community, founded by some of the city’s most beautiful residents. The New Paradigm is the latest microroaster to enter Sydney’s coffee scene, and it’s impressed me with its steadfast commitment to quality, and pledge to never exploit marginalised folks. This has led to a fundraiser event in support of Same Cup, where guests will enjoy a feast care of Hara Wholefoods, as well as some take home beans. Unfortunately I cannot attend the dinner, but I have been enjoying the beans which will be shared with guests on the night. None other than the Costa Rican Gesha from La Candelilla. This naturally processed gem is bursting with fruit flavours, and has a sugary sweetness that’s most pronounced as a filter brew.

Here’s to Sydney, naturally processed coffee, and coffee professionals with a vision and faith in decency.


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