Apart from Lunchtime, one of my favourite things about High School was recess! It was an ideal time to take a Hiatus from all that studying, and time spent in the classroom. I’m much older now, but I still can appreciate a Hiatus, especially when it comes in the form of a Melbourne café experience.

Simon Tammesild can also appreciate the need for a short break, so much so- he opened a café in honour of it. Hiatus in Kew is his version of the ideal space for pauses, reflection, and nourishment. Simon knows a thing or two about hospitality, having previously run Mr Miyagi in Windsor, and also founded Poke Me (Hawthorn, Adelaide, and South Yarra).

Housed in what was once a popular Pizza Restaurant, this spacious venue claims calming white walls, red brick features, an outdoor courtyard, and a gorgeous olive wreath that is suspended from the centre of the venue’s dining area.

The menu has a creative edge unlike any other cafes in the area, where dinner-like options are presented for breakfast and brunch. You won’t find smashed avo on the menu; instead there’s the Gnocchi with pea puree and ricotta; Mushrooms with whipped chevre and artichoke puree; and Flank Steak with confit shallots and a fried egg. You can pair breakfast up with a cocktail, such as their signature Marmalade Martini, the ever popular Aperol Spritz, and my go to alcoholic pick-me-up, the Espresso Martini.

Speaking of espresso, coffee is sourced from The Coffee Bird, which is a roaster Simon became acquainted with while living in Brighton. They are currently serving the White Blend for all milk based coffee, the Black Blend for espresso, and rotating single origin beans for Filter Brew. The current Burundi Nemba offers an easy drinking experience, with sweet orange and dried fruit highlights.

Open 7 days a week, you can press pause on your busy day at 117 High Street Kew, from 7am to 4pm daily.


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