Maker Fine Coffee 

Forget the trouble makers, and focus on the coffee makers. That’s exactly what one does when visiting Maker Fine Coffee. The couple behind this North Street Roastery, John and Stephanie Vroom, have spent the past two years building a name for themselves. I remember walking into this converted warehouse for the first time last year, […]

Everyday Midtown

When in the CBD, a trip to Midtown, the sister café to Collingwood’s Everyday Coffee, is a must. You’ll find them on Little Collins Street, just a stone’s throw from Swanston Street. Its consistently good coffee, day in day out, every day- in the middle of town.  Hence the name. The space is limited and […]

Terror Twilight

Bedford Street underwent some transformations recently, and is now known as Terror Twilight. It seems Hootan Heydari and Jono Hill decided it was time they turn the Johnston Street all day diner into a health conscious café with food that’s not only food for you, but good to eat. The only remnant from the old […]


“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” It was only a matter of time before Nick Gardiner opened another café. I first met him back when he was a barista at Woodstock on High Street Armadale, which many of you will now know as MOBY. Nick then teamed up with Jessie Feldy to open Gardiner […]

Black Magic, at Queensberry Pour House

Ever heard of the “Black Magic”? Well it’s the Queensberry Pour House take on the hybrid brew that the Sanremo Racer espresso machine allows a barista to achieve. It’s basically the middle point between a long black, and a pour over. Some people can find the Long Black a little too strong, while some feel […]

Huskee Cups

What would you say if I told you a cup was currently being created, which is made from coffee husks? You’d want to test it, right? Well that was my reaction when I heard about the revolutionary Huskee Cup. I’ve recently been thinking about sustainability, thanks to the ABC’s “war on waste”, so it was […]