V Melb

  Clare Hu has done it again. Having successfully opened cafes in Ashburton, Sandringham, and South Yarra – She’s just launched ‘V Melb’ ; a concept space on Claremont Street. The motto here is ‘Very Vegan Vibes’, and the ethos is grounded in traceability, transparency, and sustainability. It’s a belief that good food should be […]

Melbourne Moonshine

History tells us that ‘Moonshine’ was rife during the prohibition era in the USA, when corn mash was used to make distilled spirit in secrecy at night. Today the distillation of alcohol is legal in Australia if one has the appropriate license, and ‘Melbourne Moonshine’ specialises in this popular ‘clear liquor’. For several years Melbourne […]

Miss Marmalade

‘Miss Marmalade’ has been a resident of Brunswick for over 6 years now, and has gracefully preserved the charm of the Victorian terrace building she resides in.  The historic structure has a rendered façade, with tiled surrounds and a classic skillion verandah. Graeme Baker has been at this Union Street site for almost three years […]


Who doesn’t like being on vacation, right? Or as us Aussies call it, ‘Holiyays’!   Julian Bedford, Kael Sahely, and Jimmy Tjoeng have teamed up to bring the Vacation to Melbourne city. Many may know these hospitality gurus from Pillar of Salt, Square and Compass, Barry, and Bawa. I actually remember Jimmy from Little Chloe, […]

Moccamaster appreciation

“Appreciate the now….. rather than focusing on how far you have to go” I’ve recently felt an unrelenting need to remind myself how precious life is, and how important it is to appreciate the most simplest of things, in the now. A genuine smile from the barista that made my coffee, the warmth of an […]

A Thousand Blessings

The greatest gift of all, is to be a ‘blessing.’ In the case of Evelyn and Phoebe, they are ‘A Thousand Blessings’. It’s almost 10 years since the mother/daughter duo opened their doors in this Richmond Street, and they’ve obviously been blessed with the gift of longevity. They lead by example, and have created an […]


If you wander down Ridgeway place, you’ll soon find Liaison Café. It sits at the base of Monaco House, a 4 storey building that’s a geometric work of art. Opposite is the prominent Melbourne Club, an exclusive mens’ club dating back to the 1800s, which became the inspiration for the café’s name. The original owners of […]