Faith , Coffee, and the Force Tamper 

While the dawn was still dark, we put the Force Tamp to the test, while extracting liquid gold from the Riverdale Estate naturally processed lot. For the record, the Force Tamp is an adjustable pressure punch tamper with automatic levelling, a similar punch action to an automatic centre punch. Pressed against the coffee bed, energy […]

Bkon Brewer

Brewing up a storm, and its all thanks to the revolutionary Bkon, which is based on RAIN Technology. Reverse Atmospheric Infusion. Thanks to Nathan Johnston of Cartel Roasters for the demo. If you’re in Geelong, pop past and see for yourself, the future of brewing.  Corner of Little Malop and James Street Geelong

Sanremo Opera joins Cote Terra in Oakleigh 

Only through connectedness, can we truly enhance ourselves…. and our coffee. – Tess Presso. Welcome to the Sanremo Opera’s “Be in control, express yourself” interface. This handheld tablet gives the Barista full control of the extraction phase, while allowing the capacity to manage each dispensing parameter. Hows that for connectedness, and  empowerment? What else? It […]

Fifteen Pounds

  Just across from Fairfield station sits a popular café, with a strong focus on coffee. The meaning behind the name, Fifteen Pounds, is a nod to the traditionally held ideal amount of pressure required when tamping ground coffee into the portafilter basket. You only have to peer through the front window and see the […]

Poke the Bear

The last time I was at this location, I was three years younger, and a café by the name of “Two Short Men” called this space home. Since then Radio Mexico took up residency here, but earlier this year the sun set on the Mexican Restaurant, and so ‘Poke the Bear’ was born. It’s the […]

Four Pals Coffee

  It was such a pleasure to meet Wes Hendricks- one of the members of ‘Four Pals’ . Wes met his friends Cam, Tyson, and Jordon while studying in Sydney. They all worked for a Not for Profit café, where they developed their love for coffee, and people. I could sense from this first encounter […]

Neck of the Woods

While in Geelong, I paid a visit to ‘Neck of the Woods’ café, which is the second venture for husband and wife duo (Greg and Georgie Matheson) who brought Fuel to Geelong- literally and figuratively. Neck of the Woods is located just down the road from the Geelong hospital, which is where Greg conceived of […]