Otto Epicurean

A trip out towards the shores of Port Phillip Bay is always a pleasure, even if its winter. That’s thanks to the ever growing café culture in the southern bayside area. Sandringham, or ‘Sandy’ to the locals, has a charming village vibe, which not only attracts locals, but also lures tourists, beachgoers, cyclists, and folks […]

District Brewers

Set in the backstreets of Bentleigh, District Brewers is as much a community hub, as it is a steadfast café. Established over 3 years ago, District Brewers is run by passionate hospitality operators who cut their teeth in the industry at the fledgling age of 18. Named after the road on which it’s perched upon, […]

Melbourne’s first Leva X

Melbourne has its first La Marzocco Leva machine in full use at a suburban café. Having established itself as specialists in vintage audio cases, Melbourne Vintage Audio and Espresso Station was the fitting location for this lever actuated espresso machine, which pays homage to the traditional ideologies, while combining it with innovative technology. They’ve retired […]

Mad Ram

This popular outer eastern suburbs café is about to turn one year old, so it seems timely to put the spotlight on Croydon’s favourite Ram. ‘Mad Ram’ is both an acronym for its owners’ names, Mark Andersen and Dan McDonald; and reference to the symbolic meaning of a male sheep. While on a trip to […]

Sunny Side

Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street ☀ It’s been a momentous year for Jesse Felds. His first son was born 9 weeks ago, and his latest café opened its doors to Heidelberg Heights last month. Sunny Side has a fun loving feel, with a clean beach theme accentuated by Californian […]

Stray Beans

Growing up, Emeline Issa watched her mother use natural ingredients in her skin care regime. As she became an adult and started using mainstream care products, she realised the natural option was always better value, and had greater results. So came the idea to create a body scrub that exfoliates, hydrates, and moisturises the skin. […]

Project Black Cafe

Angus Shen brings a wealth of experience and an abundance of passion, to the outer eastern suburb of Mitcham, with the establishment of his second café ‘Project Black’. Having manager cafes, and worked at major roasters like St Ali, Angus accumulated essential skills and wherewithal, to know just how to create a venue people feel […]