Shift by Toby’s Estate

‘When we shift our perception, our experience changes’. That’s exactly what Toby’s Estate has done, with the launch of their Shift series of coffee. Essentially, the project sets out to challenge our perception via the coffee experience. Volume 1 confronts traditionally held views of Brazilian coffee being dominated by chocolate and nutty flavours. I’m the […]

Contraband Specialty Coffee

Many may know of Chris Legge from his Brunswick Street café, Newtown Specialty Coffee. It’s there that he met his calling, and went on to establish his own roasting label, Contraband Coffee Traders. With his self-assigned duty to attain and share delicious coffee, last week saw Chris take the opportunity to open a flagship store […]

The Gap Cafe

The gap between owning and admiring. Greyhound Victoria have filled that gap with the opening of their King Street Café. The Gap Café is the first of its kind in this café obsessed city; dog friendly, and a breeding ground for greyhound adoption (Pardon the pun). It’s founded on an initiative aimed at improving public […]

Gratitude and Pride

Coffee isn’t just an art, or a science. It’s a way of life. While traversing Melbourne in search of that golden experience, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people, and admire the commitment many display in their quest for quality. It reminds me that life demands we never become complacent or ungrateful, be […]

Plain Sailing

It’s always been smooth sailing down Elwood way, a tranquil costal suburb only 8 kilometres south of Melbourne. The team that recently moved left of field, have now cast their anchor at this beachside community. In line with their archetypal use of idioms when naming cafes (Left Field, Short Straw, Timber Timber) the owners of […]

Clubhouse Malvern

‘Meet you at the Nineteenth’. That’s the catch cry Julien Moussi, Kristy-Lea Moussi, Adam Vocale, Stuart Deva, Ben Argentino and Nicky Campbell sound at their latest venue on Malvern Road. The Clubhouse opened its doors this week, and much like a golfer approaches the greens, the venue’s pitch draws attention to themes of ease and […]

Stepping Stone Phase 1.5

Great News, folks: Stepping Stone have extended their hours, and are now serving Natural Wine and Cocktails! It’s phase 1.5 of the Stepping Stone project, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s their best yet. A cafe focused on Coffee, Natural Wine, Healthy Eats, and Dogs…. All bases covered. Natural wines will rotate regularly, but […]