Melbourne Moonshine

History tells us that ‘Moonshine’ was rife during the prohibition era in the USA, when corn mash was used to make distilled spirit in secrecy at night. Today the distillation of alcohol is legal in Australia if one has the appropriate license, and ‘Melbourne Moonshine’ specialises in this popular ‘clear liquor’. For several years Melbourne […]

St Martins

“Breakfast, lunch, and magic”. That’s what St Martins brings to Martin Street, Brighton. It’s the third café for Jim Marinis and his wife Mary-Jane Daffy, who also brought us Little Tommy Tucker in Bentleigh, and Glover Station in Elsternwick. Being located in the opulent beachside suburb of Brighton, St Martins takes a colourful approach, with […]

Forever counting my blessings

Honour is a word that gets thrown around like a tennis ball these days.  It’s often attributed to those exceptional occasions which produce a sense of satisfaction and privilege. I felt this sense of honour whilst in Sydney, when I had the rare opportunity of speaking to a coffee producer -via the telephone, while sipping […]

The Spot

“Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot”. Even as far back as the 4th century BC wise folks recognise the importance of finding that ‘special spot’.  It seems serendipitous that Khalil and Rim Qubbaj generated their own happiness at the start of 2016, by way of ‘The Spot’. Neither one […]

Arboretum Kitchen and Pantry

In an area surrounded by streets named after trees, Arboretum was a fitting title for Jamie Graham and Juan Tabares to christen their first café. They both travelled across the seas to make Australia home- Jamie from Scotland, and Juan from Colombia bringing with them the cuisine and goodness from their ‘motherlands’, and wrap it […]

Zest Coffee Event

“People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them” Last month I made the promise to share any coffee event brought to my attention, and that I will. On Monday night, the Zest team are holding an event to showcase some very promising coffee. It seems while we’ve all been busy enjoying […]

Neon Beatniks

“Live by example, not by declaration”.     Kirsten Taylor has opened her second café, and has spared no effort to make it as welcoming as possible. If her first café (Hopper & Joe) is the pretty little girl of the family, then Neon Beatniks is the strapping big boy. It features darker tones, ample […]