Mad Ram

This popular outer eastern suburbs café is about to turn one year old, so it seems timely to put the spotlight on Croydon’s favourite Ram. ‘Mad Ram’ is both an acronym for its owners’ names, Mark Andersen and Dan McDonald; and reference to the symbolic meaning of a male sheep. While on a trip to […]


‘Don’t Forget the Dreaming Days’. Congratulations Julien & Kristy Moussi, and Jack Franklyn. They’ve taken a former neighbourhood milk bar, and breathed new life into it. Julien and Kristy took ownership of this corner spot two years ago, and today opened its doors to an enormously appreciative local neighbourhood. Upon entering I heard exclamations of […]

Bean in the Woods

Meeting Billy Halvagis, owner of Bean in the Woods, has definitely been a highlight of my coffee adventures over the years. There’s a beautiful story behind this Ringwood café, and it does warrant the time to be told. Billy opened Bean in the Woods in honour of his sister, Mersina. Those who are old enough […]

Parker Coffee

Melissa Floreani of Espresso Syndicate has contributed immensely to Melbourne’s Café Culture, and Parker Coffee of East Hawthorn is a shining example of how this venerable lady does it. Early last year, she teamed up with Jimmy McGuire to renovate this Tooronga Road space, which serves as a takeaway coffee mecca for staff from surrounding […]

Dukes on Flinders Lane

Died and Gone to Heaven…. without Bryan Adams. There’s so much to love about Dukes on Flinders Lane, and that’s before I even taste of their coffee. For instance, I appreciate the cafes dim lighting that doesn’t overwhelm the senses when one is in dire need of a caffeine hit (me every morning); the simplicity […]

Bkon Brewer at V Melb

Melbourne, your Bkon experience has arrived. Thanks to the legends at V Melbourne in South Yarra, we now have the first active Bkon Brewer in the country’s coffee capital. Lex and the team are brewing up a storm by way of Reverse Atmospheric Infusion, and it doesn’t stop at coffee – they’re brewing fruit infused […]

Pieces of the puzzle

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together gives insight to my inherent affinity for farmers. I’m often asked why I love coffee so much, in particular the farmers whom I idolise. I wasn’t raised on a coffee farm, nor have I travelled to countries within the coffee belt. This hasn’t hindered my lifelong interest in the […]