Pieces of the puzzle

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together gives insight to my inherent affinity for farmers. I’m often asked why I love coffee so much, in particular the farmers whom I idolise. I wasn’t raised on a coffee farm, nor have I travelled to countries within the coffee belt. This hasn’t hindered my lifelong interest in the […]

Campos Barista origin experience

    I recently paid Campos Melbourne a visit to have a chat with their ever delightful and softly spoken barista Patrick Dann, who just returned from a trip to origin. Truth be told, Patrick was once a customer at this Elgin Street spot, dropping in each morning over a period of 2 years while […]

The Odd Room

Cheltenham was a sleepy hollow when it came to coffee; that was until 2014, when Yuko and Andrew Affandi opened the ‘Odd Room’ on Bay Road. Both had dipped their toes in the hospitality industry throughout their lives, but it wasn’t until they decided to open their own café that they jumped into the deep […]

Melbourne Moonshine

History tells us that ‘Moonshine’ was rife during the prohibition era in the USA, when corn mash was used to make distilled spirit in secrecy at night. Today the distillation of alcohol is legal in Australia if one has the appropriate license, and ‘Melbourne Moonshine’ specialises in this popular ‘clear liquor’. For several years Melbourne […]

St Martins

“Breakfast, lunch, and magic”. That’s what St Martins brings to Martin Street, Brighton. It’s the third café for Jim Marinis and his wife Mary-Jane Daffy, who also brought us Little Tommy Tucker in Bentleigh, and Glover Station in Elsternwick. Being located in the opulent beachside suburb of Brighton, St Martins takes a colourful approach, with […]

Forever counting my blessings

Honour is a word that gets thrown around like a tennis ball these days.  It’s often attributed to those exceptional occasions which produce a sense of satisfaction and privilege. I felt this sense of honour whilst in Sydney, when I had the rare opportunity of speaking to a coffee producer -via the telephone, while sipping […]

The Spot

“Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot”. Even as far back as the 4th century BC wise folks recognise the importance of finding that ‘special spot’.  It seems serendipitous that Khalil and Rim Qubbaj generated their own happiness at the start of 2016, by way of ‘The Spot’. Neither one […]