Christina Panettieri and Dennis Chronis, Owners at Mister and Miss Café

“Tess Presso is such a valued and respected name in our industry and if you simply take a moment to read her café reviews and follow her on Instagram, you will understand why.

She is extremely passionate about what she does and coffee is her number 1 passion. If ever in doubt about which coffee to use for a new café or contacts in our industry, Tess is the right person to turn to. Tess came into our café week one of opening and did such an intriguing review that had people talking immediately and wanting to try the café. Since the review hit her Instagram page, which has in excess of 30,000 followers, we had people coming through the door that had read it.

We cannot thank her enough for her ongoing support and loyalty to our industry. She is the reason us café owners remain passionate and our baristas want to grow with her knowledge and wealth to coffee”.

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