Elisha Mauger, Owner Senator Coffee (Perth)

“I met Tess back around 2013 at my first MICE visit where she was kindly hosting a competitor from another country while they were in Melbourne. After hanging out with Tess during the week I was there I stayed in contact and visited several of her hot spots around town. I quickly got to know Tess and loved her passion for the industry and for trying all cafes great and small wherever she visited. There is always a positive review about the food, coffee, people or set-up which leaves you wanting to write down every single place she posts about just so you can re-trace her footsteps and share in the same experiences she has day to day. If I am ever visiting a place Tess is the first person I contact in order to get the inside scoop as I feel she is not biased in her judgements and is very fair in what she has to say. I look forward to anything else that she will contribute to the industry over the coming years.”



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