Jibbi Little, Sydney based Q-grader, ASCA competition judge, Coffee Roaster, and reigning NSW Latte Art Champion.

“As a new micro roaster based in Sydney, i have just started roasting coffee for my new venture, and have been learning as I go. I was lucky that someone sent my coffee to Tess Presso to try, and she liked it so much she not only wrote a review on it, but shared it with a few cafes in Melbourne. The very next day, someone contacted me through Instagram, saying he also sampled the beans Tess shared with him, and placed an order.  That was my 1st ever order in Melbourne. Having my coffee make it all the way to Melbourne from Sydney would have been difficult without the endorsement of someone like Tess Presso.  She is such a wonderful asset to the coffee community, and has great power to share a product that she believes in.”


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