Joel Wyn, Owner at Cote Terra, Oakleigh

“Tess Presso- the name itself pretty much explains what this lady does.  My coffee journey has never been the same since Tess popped in my store and did a review. After her review- which was shared on social media, we started seeing more and more new faces coming in to try our coffee, many of whom said they had heard about us through Tess’s review. Her efforts don’t just bring in more new customer to the business, it acknowledges the barista’s hard work, and gives them a reason to keep pushing on, and moving forward.

Since discovering Tess Presso, I always refer to her Instagram account to find a good café to visit when I have a day off work. Her account is like a specialty coffee guidebook, but one that’s updates constantly, not one with outdated information. What Tess brings to the coffee community is a fair chance for every barista to shine, not just the cafes backed by the big corporations. She always tries to help small businesses, and has even gone as far as offering our business advice. In short, if you have a passion for coffee, then you attract the Tess Presso Spotlight”.



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