Sasa Sestic, (World Barista Champion, 2015) Managing Director, ONA Coffee Wholesale (Canberra) Pty Ltd

“The first time I meet Tess  Presso was back in 2012 in Canberra.

Her Passion and love for this industry is unbelievable.

Back 6 years ago when Ona coffee was knows only by few locals in Canberra Tess’s reviews have helped us as company progress quicker in industry. Most importantly Tess’s reviews are pure, honest, encouraging and what I love is that she writes about everyone involved in the coffee chain starting from the farmers. I have been following her page and use this as tool to see where I can possibly have my next coffee.

We are so blessed to have People like Tess supporting our industry, and helping us to bring more values out of the coffee we serve in our cafes.”

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